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Page Textured With Plastic Wrap

Textured Watercolors

Ironically, this page where I was thinking about color came out very un-colorful. I tried out a colorĀ  from my set of inexpensive watercolor paints. This was the first time IĀ  had used this color. I smooshed plastic wrap into the wet paint and let it dry. Later I pulled up the plastic wrap. I knew I wanted to use some paint chips from my collection. I really wanted to use this large 4 shade card, but loved the look of a card I had that had a hole in it. That gave me the idea of punching some holes into the card. I used a small leaf punch from the dollar section of Michael’s. I decoupaged the paint card and the leaf cut-outs onto the page with Mod Podge. I used my finger to smudge black ink around the leaves and leaf holes. I Bic Wite-Out pen to write word and a fine point black pen to outline page elements. I would not use Mod Podge if I were doing this now. I now know Mod Podge (glossy at least) stays tacky forever. The white line on the third rectangle down is from my page sticking to the opposite page and ripping a bit off when I separated them. Arggh!


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