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Bryce Canyon National Park Art Journal Page

Art Journaling Metallic Paint Stamped Tissue Paper Acrylic Ink StampingOn this page, I wanted to pay tribute to Bryce Canyon National Park, which has a special place in my heart. I started with a background of blue paint. Then built up layers of brown, peach, metallic copper, and white to build the hoodoos of the park. I used acrylic ink to write the title and for the ink drops. I stamped a text border along the edge. Then stamped some tissue paper with a text stamp and used semi-gloss gel medium to apply it to the page.


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Scrapbook Page With Watermark Ink and Metallic Paint

Scrapbooking VersaMark Embossing Machine Stitching
This page started with the colors teal and copper. I was inspired by a photo on Pinterest. I usually don’t start a pages with a color scheme, but  a vision for this page wasn’t coming together for me. So I tried a different approach.

Inspiration Metallic

I started with a piece of teal cardstock and stamped it with VersaMark ink. VersaMark ink is an embossing ink, but it can also be used for watermark, tone-on-tone stamping. This technique works better with some colors than others so test a scrap or the backside first to see how it will work with your cardstock color. I used a polka dot stamp from Prima to add more interest to the cardstock.
Watermark ink Embossing
I cut a piece of kraft cardstock to frame the title and the photo. I love kraft cardstock in general, but I particularly love it on fall pages. When going through my fall themed papers, I found this older one from Bo Bunny. The colors worked perfectly with my page. It was on a sheet of printed border strips, the bottom of the strip was wavy, but the top edge was straight. I love the wavy look, so I cut the top edge wavy too. I think it adds a nice movement to the page, like the fall wind blowing gently through the trees.

I LOVE metallic paint, and one of my favorite colors is the metallic copper. The paint I used  was from Folk Art. I used a foam brush to apply the paint to the tree stamp. The tree stamp is a large foam stamp mounted on an acrylic sheet made be Prima.

I waited for the paint to dry and mounted the photo. I assembled the page. Then stamped the title word, Hayride, with VersaMark ink and applied copper embossing powder. Then I used my embossing pen to write, going on a, and applied black embossing powder. I LOVE my embossing pen.

Then I stamped embellishment circles and a journaling spot using three different ink colors for interest.

I finished off the whole page by adding some stitching. I used both zigzag and straight stitching. I kept it neat on the edges and flowing straight stitches on the border strip.
Scrapbooking Stamps Machine Stitching Heat Embossing


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Art Journal Page With Glitter Stickers

Metallic Paint Glitter Foam Stickers

I love glitter! The blog IS named Glitter N Glue, so I’m sure you assumed that. I found these awesome glittered foam leaf stickers at the dollar store, so I had to use some of them on an art journal page!

I started with a background of Folk Art metallic copper paint. I LOVE this paint. The color is super, and it is so shiny. I wanted to add a path of a paint across the page that was lighter and dull copper-ish. I mixed various paint combos, but nothing came out right. I was getting frustrated and becoming surrounded by little pots of the wrong colors. So eventually, I gave up and went with the mix that I liked best. This one was a bit to pinky for my taste.  I added the stickers, and then filled in extra space with spirals.

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Riding The T Art Journal Page

Acrylic Paint Acrylic Ink

My boys loved riding the T while in Boston recently. I wanted to make a page to remember this. My older son loved studying the maps, figuring out which lines to take, what stop we needed, and how many stops away that would be. My younger son loved the speed and sights rushing by the windows. Both loved standing and hanging on to the rails and hand loops while riding.

I created the background by scraping acrylic paint onto the page, including Folk Art metallic peridot (my favorite). I scraped some spots of silver metallic acrylic ink on top of that. I used gel medium to attach the Charlie tickets for the T. I used black acrylic ink and Sharpies to add the title, text, and T symbols. The circles were stamped with various lids with the acrylic ink.


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Finding Balance

Serpentine Writing Collage

I have found it difficult to art journal and scrapbook during the same time period. I want to do both. I love them both for different reasons. But I find I am either doing one or the other.

After Christmas, I went on a scrapbooking binge. I am not a fast scrapbooker, but I made fifty pages from Christmas to the end of January.

This page is about my love of both hobbies, and how I want find balance with these hobbies. I want to be able to create works in both in the same week!

This page has spot painted tissue paper decoupaged in places. I also used stamping. I was playing with serpentine shapes in my writing on this one. I used some dollar bin Michael’s tape on this.

Left SideRight Page

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Paint Calms Me

Metallic Acrylic Paint

The background of this page is Folk Art metallic paint. I have an addiction to metallic paint! I love the look of it! So shiny! I find it calming just to gesso and background paint page. I love the feel of the paint brush spreading the paint. It feeds my soul. I made myself make a large swirl for this page. I was scared to do it. But I did it, and it is not that bad! I used a large black Sharpie and a Bic Wite-Out correction pen.

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Art Journal Page With Fabric Leaves

Metallic Paint Fabric Leaves Art Journal

I knew I wanted to use some fabric leaves on this page. I started by painting the background of the page with Folk Art Metallic Cooper Paint. I LOVE this paint color! I tried to attach the leaves with Mod Podge., but they were too bumpy. So I then attached them with Mini Glue Dots. I finished up by outlining the leaves, writing the sentiment, and some dots on the background.

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