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Fingerprint Doodles

Fingerprint Doodles Ink Ed Emberley

I wanted to do a page like this. I love the idea of turning fingerprints into “things.” I’ve only seen the cover, but I know Ed Emberley has a whole book about doing this. I painted a watercolor background first, then randomly made fingerprints all over the page using Staz-On ink. A recommendation to anyone wanting to try this: think about the color ink you want to use for the fingerprints. I didn’t. I would have used a light color ink. Because I used black ink I had to keep switching pens while drawing black to white and white to black. It worked out okay. Switching pens was a minor inconvenience. I also thought a few of the drawings looked a little strange because of the white pen work on the fingerprint (check out those people faces–scary). Maybe a different colored ink would/fingerprint would have worked out better.



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