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Something Old, Something New

Sleigh Ride Winter

The whole family bundled up and went on a sleigh ride yesterday afternoon. The ride through the woods was really smooth. The horses, Ben and Bill, were so strong and impressive. We had cocoa before the ride. My boys are cocoa fiends, so that was a great way to start.


After the sleigh ride, we went to a laser show. The laser show featured music by Led Zeppelin. It was interesting. Some of the images were really cool, and some hurt my head. It reminded me of Spirograph pictures, string art, and a screen saver. Parts of it probably did need a “may induce seizures” warning. Other parts I wished I could have captured to expand upon in my art journal.



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International Dance Performance

Japanese Dance NumberMy younger son and I went to an international dance performance at a local university yesterday. My older son was preparing to sleep in a snow cave on a winter camping trip with his scout troop. The dancers did a great job. I loved seeing the beautiful costumes.

Bollywood Style Finale Dance

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