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Using An Embossing Pen To Create A Title On A Scrapbook Page

Heat Embossing With An Embossing Marker

I found a font at that I wanted to use for a title on a scrapbook page I was creating. But how to get it on the page? I don’t have a die cutting machine (although I dream of owning a Silhouette one day). I didn’t want to print it on cardstock and stick it on the page. So this was my solution:
Scrapbook Title Made With An Embossing Pen Marker
I printed the title on paper in a variety of sizes to see which one worked best. I cut out the one I liked most. Then I held the paper up to a window. I traced the letters with a dull pencil on the back of the sheet. I could have covered the whole back with pencil “scribbles”, but I didn’t want smudges on my pink paint.
Scrapbook Embossing Pen Marker Title
I positioned the title paper where I wanted it on the painted area. Then I went over the front on the letter edges with a pen. A stylus would work for this, if you have one. This transferred the pencil lines on the back of the title sheet onto the scrapbook page.
Scrapbooking Title Before Embossing Powder Is Added
Then I used an embossing marker to trace the pencil lines and fill in the letters. I used some leftover packaging to see if red or black lettering would look best on the page. For the test, I wrote with markers in red and black and positioned it over the paint. I liked red best, so I used red embossing powder to make the title. I finished off the title by adding some shading with a gray marker.
Scrapbooking Making A Title With An Embossing Pen Marker
It was a bit time consuming, but I got the font I wanted!

Embossing Marker Scrapbooking Title


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