Scrapbook Page With Irregular Circles

card stock sewing

I pulled a couple of photos to scrap and was really into all the blue tones in the pictures. I was also thinking about how I loved the irregular circles on a piece of paper in the new Twig line by Little Yellow Bicycle. Since I don’t have that paper (at least not yet!), I tried to recreate the circles on my page. While cutting the circles, it helps to wiggle the paper to get them more irregular. I used a bunch of blue scraps I had for this. I layered them  and sewed  them down with some equally irregular stitches.

card stockMr. Campy Stamp Blue Luster Embossing Powder



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3 responses to “Scrapbook Page With Irregular Circles

  1. Love the blue! The irregular circles are a nice touch – since I can’t cut straigh anyway, might as well make them purposely irregular. Very cool.

  2. Danielle

    I love the circles and admire the stitching. I am always scared that I will ruin my layout, so I usually don’t do it.

  3. Love the blue! It came out absolutely fabulous! Way to use those scraps in a creative way!

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