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Art Journal Page With Glitter Stickers

Metallic Paint Glitter Foam Stickers

I love glitter! The blog IS named Glitter N Glue, so I’m sure you assumed that. I found these awesome glittered foam leaf stickers at the dollar store, so I had to use some of them on an art journal page!

I started with a background of Folk Art metallic copper paint. I LOVE this paint. The color is super, and it is so shiny. I wanted to add a path of a paint across the page that was lighter and dull copper-ish. I mixed various paint combos, but nothing came out right. I was getting frustrated and becoming surrounded by little pots of the wrong colors. So eventually, I gave up and went with the mix that I liked best. This one was a bit to pinky for my taste.  I added the stickers, and then filled in extra space with spirals.


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Halloween Candy Art Journal Page

Neon Chalk Markers Cadaco Packaging Journaling

I made this page in November with some packaging I had saved from Halloween candy. I loved the graphics on these little boxes, so I wanted to play off the images and preserve them on an art journaling page. I recorded some random thoughts about the candy too. I used a cellophane image from the bag that the candy sticks came in too. I love the black background. I used some Neon Chalk Markers by Cadaco for the title. The markers are made for black dry erase boards. I LOVE these markers. I found them at a local surplus/salvage store. The blue was disappointing. It doesn’t show up well on the black, but all the other colors are awesome!

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Scrapbook Page With Irregular Circles

card stock sewing

I pulled a couple of photos to scrap and was really into all the blue tones in the pictures. I was also thinking about how I loved the irregular circles on a piece of paper in the new Twig line by Little Yellow Bicycle. Since I don’t have that paper (at least not yet!), I tried to recreate the circles on my page. While cutting the circles, it helps to wiggle the paper to get them more irregular. I used a bunch of blue scraps I had for this. I layered them  and sewed  them down with some equally irregular stitches.

card stockMr. Campy Stamp Blue Luster Embossing Powder


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Riding The T Art Journal Page

Acrylic Paint Acrylic Ink

My boys loved riding the T while in Boston recently. I wanted to make a page to remember this. My older son loved studying the maps, figuring out which lines to take, what stop we needed, and how many stops away that would be. My younger son loved the speed and sights rushing by the windows. Both loved standing and hanging on to the rails and hand loops while riding.

I created the background by scraping acrylic paint onto the page, including Folk Art metallic peridot (my favorite). I scraped some spots of silver metallic acrylic ink on top of that. I used gel medium to attach the Charlie tickets for the T. I used black acrylic ink and Sharpies to add the title, text, and T symbols. The circles were stamped with various lids with the acrylic ink.


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I Hate Being Sick Art Journal Page

Acrylic Ink Hand Prints Gift Card Paint Scrapping

Our whole family has been sick. My youngest had it the worst and missed a whole week of school. I started this page last Tuesday when I was home taking care of him. I eventually got sick, and finished the page on Saturday. I used a gift card to apply the background paint to the page. I have read about many people doing this, so I finally gave it a whirl. There are traits I like about this method — quick, fast drying, doesn’t take much paint. An attribute I didn’t care for was that with light colors the paint was so thin it was transparent, which could work for some techniques, but wasn’t what I was going for. The first hand print I tried had to be done again, since the paint dried on my hand before I was ready. When I did it again, I applied a thicker layer of paint and slapped it on as fast as I could!


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