MIT Museum and Arthur Ganson Kinetic Sculpture Exhibit

Moving Chair Sculpture

Moving Chair Sculpture

We recently went to the MIT Museum. MIT has been my older son’s dream school since first grade. He got to see some of his robot heroes like Cog and Kismet. Both boys loved the holographic artwork exhibit. And we all were intrigued and fascinated by the exhibit of Arthur Ganson’s wok. Ganson makes kinetic sculptures.

Okay, I must admit that part of the thrill was seeing these in real life. I had previously seen many of them on the children’s animated show Arthur. Which, if you aren’t up on kid things, is not named for Ganson, but the main character of the book series that inspired the television show. And…Arthur is an anthropomorphic aardvark who looks more like a teddy bear. Anyway…it was thrilling to see Ganson’s very cool sculptures.


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  1. MIT Museum

    Thanks for visiting – so glad you enjoyed Ganson’s sculptures. They’re my favorite, too. Just so you know, our annual Cambridge Science Festival is coming up this spring, perfect for science-minded kids. You can check out the line-up of events here:

    And, if you ever want to meet Arthur in person, he hosts F.A.T. (Friday After Thanksgiving) every year, Hope to see you again soon!

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