When Glitter Glue Explodes

Glitter Glue Printed Tape Masking Rubber Stamps

I had painted a background and planned to make a page border with glitter glue. I had a bottle of glitter glue I had just purchased at the craft store. I was so excited to play with it. The jar looked so enticing. Alternating turquoise and lime green glue spiraled throughout the tube. I love those colors! I squeezed and squeezed, but nothing was coming out. I should have known something was wrong! But as I squeezed the bottle like the Hulk, all I thought was,”Wow, this comes out hard!” Duh! Well, all of a sudden a large glob of glitter rolled down my hand and onto the page. The top of the plastic jar was sliced open! So I spread the glue out onto the page and went with it. Lots of painting with my fingers on this one. I also used a little punched star as a mask. I found some tape in the dollar section of Michael’s that has little birds on it. Too cute!


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