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It All Started With Cardboard

Acrylic Ink Newsprint

Okay, maybe it didn’t all start with cardboard. But I want to share the cardboard pieces that eventually led me to art journaling. I mentioned in the post “my journey” that I was working on a project for my grad. class, through Lesley University about integrating the arts into the curriculum, when I discovered art journaling. The project was a personal exploration in the arts. I chose to work in the visual arts. My goal was to work through some of the hang-ups that had held me back in the past:

That I was not “good enough” to produce art.
I worried about “wasting” supplies.
I was also worried about making mistakes.

I also wanted to try out some of the techniques and supplies I had learned about in grad. school from my professors and cohort members.

I started working on some pieces of corrugated cardboard. I bought my first container of gesso! I had never heard of gesso until recently, and this mysterious product made me feel like a “real” artist.

I played with gel mediums, acrylic ink ,and crackle paint for the first time. I tore, glued, collaged, stamped, and outlined on these pieces.

I wasn’t sure what to do the finished pieces, and I had used my immediate supply of corrugated cardboard. So I began surfing the net for other ideas. That’s when I discovered art journaling. It seemed to be something I might like and a perfect place to keep my artwork explorations for my class. I tried it and was immediately hooked. I love my art journal. It has changed and impacted my life in a way far beyond what I ever imagined.

Stamping Solvent Ink Paint Phone Book



Corrugated Cardboard Gel Medium Acrylic Ink Collaging


Acrylic Ink Uniball Signo


White Acrylic Ink


Collage Mixed Media Gel Mediums


Gel Medium Pumice Glass Beads Color Mixing


Glass Bead Gel Medium


Pumice Gel Medium


Crackle Paint Sponge Painted Leaves


Sponge Painting Crackle Paint


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Don’t Stand In Your Own Way

Crackle Medium Printed Tape

I used crackle medium on the background. It’s a bit more subtle than I thought it would be, but I like it. I need to take this advice! I have more hang-ups than a busy dressing room. But I have taken some big steps lately in the right direction. I love that cute little birdie tape from Michael’s dollar spot.

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When Glitter Glue Explodes

Glitter Glue Printed Tape Masking Rubber Stamps

I had painted a background and planned to make a page border with glitter glue. I had a bottle of glitter glue I had just purchased at the craft store. I was so excited to play with it. The jar looked so enticing. Alternating turquoise and lime green glue spiraled throughout the tube. I love those colors! I squeezed and squeezed, but nothing was coming out. I should have known something was wrong! But as I squeezed the bottle like the Hulk, all I thought was,”Wow, this comes out hard!” Duh! Well, all of a sudden a large glob of glitter rolled down my hand and onto the page. The top of the plastic jar was sliced open! So I spread the glue out onto the page and went with it. Lots of painting with my fingers on this one. I also used a little punched star as a mask. I found some tape in the dollar section of Michael’s that has little birds on it. Too cute!

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Acrylic Ink Watercolors Splatters Chalkboard Markers

On this page, I wrote about all the things in my life that keep me spinning around.

Watercolor background. The spirals were done with chalkboard markers from a surplus and salvage store. The title was done with acrylic ink and so were the splatters. Good splattering on this one.

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Missing An Eye

Unfinished page Ribbon

I adhered cut pieces of painted tissue paper and ribbon. Then I added detailing with pens. I want to add a black and white eye from a magazine to the unadorned section, but I haven’t found an eye that works yet.

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Make Art Everyday

Acrylic Ink Splatters

I had fun dropping acrylic ink on this page. I dropped it from about two feet up and the plops came out more interestingly than when I tried the same technique from three inches up.

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My Cooking Sucks!


This page is about me and my cooking. My husband does the vast majority of cooking in our house. This page talks about my poor cooking skills. The few things I can cook. And my strange obsession with reading cookbooks and recipes online even though I hardly ever try one out. I like the shape of the letters for the most part on this page, but not how they are decorated. Maybe I should have painted them in. I would like to do them all one color. But I worried the letters lose their definition. I will have to study the graffiti on trains I drive by a couple times a month more closely.

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