The First Steps

Altering Book Pages

This page was a baby step for me. I have a hang-up about using books as craft material in my projects. I love the look when others have done it. I had made some cards using illustrations from a  wrecked copy of the Cat in the Hat. Now I needed to keep using books in my artwork. This particular book was completely falling apart and did not have any sentimental value to me. But still, I had to take a deep breath to rip this page out to use it. I had made the page background previously with watercolor paints. I used watercolor pencils to color the picture. I had a happy accident on this page. As I colored the picture on top of a piece of scrap paper I noticed that the print on the back of the page had been transferred to the scrap paper. So then I colored on top of the journal page to get this subtle effect on purpose. I have a goal of using dictionary pages in some work this year. I never use my dictionary, but still I am not comfortable with ripping it up yet. I wrote about my hang-up a bit. I was more positive than I feel (trying to talk myself into being comfortable with this concept). I have taken the first steps though. Now I need to keep walking.


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