Overused Idea And I Don’t Care

Metallic Paint Hand

Okay, I know, everyone does a page like this. But, I had to try it, and I’m so glad I did because I LOVE it. And that’s part of what my art journal is about doing what I want to do. Trying things I want to try. I used gray paint for the background. I traced my hand and filled it in with Folk Art Metallic Peridot paint. When it was dry, I filled it in with stream of consciousness journaling about people and things that I like. I also journaled around the edge of the page for a border. I then added swirls and dots with Folk Art Metallic Blue Sapphire paint. Making myself paint the swirls was a big step. I was afraid to do it freehand. I thought I would mess up the page. I wanted to use stamps, but I wanted a swirl to go in back of the hand. So I did it. And it came out fine. I’m glad I didn’t chicken out.


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