Atomic Learning & Power Point

The tutorials were alright, but I couldn’t practice anything, since every time I open Power Point on my laptop it crashes. I watched all the tutorials for my version (which I was able to find out in finder). I found them interesting. I really wanted to play in Power Point, but I guess my laptop won’t let me. I have never used Key Note either. Now, I know where to find tutorials, if I want to play with this instead sometime. I also enjoy the details in these tutorials. I am such a nerd–I thought it was so cool that users would be able to type (c) and Power Point would automatically turn it into the copyright symbol. I told you I was a nerd. If I get a little skilled with the computer, maybe I can be a geek too. Thanks to my technology class, Atomic Learning, and forcing myself to try new computer skills and programs. I often won’t try because I am afraid it will be too hard or that I will somehow “mess up” the computer.

When I see myself using power point, I see it being used in presentations. I could use it if I had to address my grade level team at a district meeting, or my PLC group, or possibly at a staff meeting in my capacity as a Leadership Team member at my school. I do not see myself using this with my students (at least without audio) since they are so young. Maybe this shows my lack of imagination in this area. The tutorials I watched did not address adding audio to the slide show. I only know that audio can be added because of something my professor typed on the make-up assignment page.

If I had the ability to open Power Point, I would love to know how to add the audio–that would make this program more useful and flexible for Pre-K.

P.S. If anyone from Atomic Learning reads this 3 of the tutorials I viewed were incorrectly labeled. The content and titles were mixed up.



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4 responses to “Atomic Learning & Power Point

  1. Hello. Thank you for pointing out the discrepancy with the last 3 tutorials appearing on the Word 2001 series page. The issue is now resolved.
    Jeremy Mikel
    Production Coordinator
    Atomic Learning, Inc.
    15088 22nd Ave.
    Little Falls, MN 56345

  2. I really meant that the issue is now corrected on the PowerPoint 2001 series page. For some reason, I had “Word” on my mind when responding to you. Thanks again. – Jeremy

  3. Way to point out that tutorials weren’t working properly and getting their attention to fix them!

  4. annettecohen

    Good job!

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