Atomic Learning & End Note

I had the same problem with End Note as with Audacity–audio and no video! Which makes it pretty useless as a teaching tool. I was very disappointed. I really wanted to know how End Note could help me with research and APA bibliographies. Especially, since I was very confused when I was on the End Note site after I recovered from the flu. This site seemed to be written in another language to me. I couldn’t figure it out on my own : ( Maybe Atomic Learning will fix these bugs if it is on their end, maybe it’s a Mac thing, or maybe it’s me (or my laptop). Hope to be able to watch these.

From what I have been told about End Note, I think it could be very useful to me as I write papers for grad. school.

I would like to learn more about End Note when I meet with my professor during our make-up meeting.


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  1. I hope you got some clarity after our meeting with Annette. Or maybe you got use a PC and watch the video in atomic learning. I really think once I have some time I am going to put in past classes and continue as we go on in the program because it is super helpful.

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