Born Into Brothels

Born Into Brothels

Last night, I watched the documentary, Born Into Brothels. I was struck by the harsh living conditions and bright colors.  Zana  Briski went into the red light district of Calcutta and taught photography classes to the children who lived in the brothels. Zana gave each child a camera and film to photograph their world. The stark contrast between their living environment and the children’s ability to still act child-like and play was a striking juxtaposition throughout the film. The photos the children took were powerful windows into their world. The children still managed to find beauty amidst the poverty and stark reality of the brothels. Technology and the connections these children made with Zana changed their lives. Ms. Brisiki was able to get many of these children into schools and give them HOPE for the future . A three year update on the current realities of the children at the end of the movie was uplifting. It will be interesting to see longitudinally how these changes affect their lives in the long run.


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  1. I like how you changed the color of the font throughout your article. It gives the words more impact.

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