Article Summary

Article By Judy Van Scoter

I read the article, Using Digital Images to Engage Young Learners, and worked with Katie and Suzy. Our article was interesting and had practical classroom applications.  It discussed using digital images in the classroom to integrate technology into other subject areas. Students can use digital cameras, digital video recorders, digital microscopes, kid pix, etc. These tools and programs stimulate curiosity, motivate & empower students, engage children as active learners, and are fun. These tools encourage students to look closely at the world around them and from multiple perspectives. The article chronicles practical usage in actual classroom, such as using digital cameras to record patterning activities in math. Many different classroom applications are detailed in different subjects. The article also cautions instructors to start small and take it easy. It also warns that technology should not replace quality teaching by the instructor.


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  1. I thought there were really strong “Fisher Price” digital cameras out there. Also there is the site donors where you can ask for small sums to pay for things like cameras if you post a lesson plan or describe how you will use them.

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